Custom Made Fiberglass Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi

The pools and Jacuzzi made with fiber, also plastics or polyester, perfectly fulfill their mission. In addition to providing comparative benefits with other manufacturing methods. Fiber pools are usually one of the best options in price/performance. The quality of these as in all gadgets depends on manufacturers, thickness, finishes, and trim. Having the buyer within an economic field a selection of offers quite broad. In this portal, you can find information on this type of swimming pools.

Fiberworks is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of fiberglass pools and Jacuzzi, with the aim of providing quality swimming pools and latest generation equipment to achieve customer satisfaction at a lower cost.

Its mission is to offer customers the opportunity to have a pool at home or business with innovative design and quality that deserves, fulfilling their requirements and demands, and that can enjoy the comfort and safety in a family that our pools offer.

Within the range of possibilities, Fiberworks offers us in a variety of swimming pools and Jacuzzi, many of them are manufactured on-site by expensive works while others of a demountable or prefabricated character have essential characteristics that differentiate them from the first group but can count on the same benefits.

But before going deeper into the universe of fiber pools we will go into detail that is meant by fiberglass. It is an artificial material very easy to find in more than one industrially produced product, generally used as insulation in appliances, airplanes, and automobiles. This fiber is synthetic vitreous and not used correctly is highly harmful to health. Its most striking consequences on health are in the eyes, skin and respiratory tract.

The most common problem is the inhalation of small microscopic elements released by the material causing severe damage to the respiratory tract compromising the bodies responsible for the task. But these drawbacks only arise at the moment of the construction of structures composed of this material, after finishing the fiber pool it is very rare that the raw material from which it is built can damage the health of the users. Fiber swimming pools can be an ideal solution thanks to the wide range of shapes and colors available and can be evaluated at the place of purchase. The high resistance of the material to the pressure exerted by the water makes them highly resistant and durable.


The fiber formed of small threads of glass that have the particularity of being flexible enough for its use counts on many and varied uses thanks to its properties. The fiberglass is an excellent thermal insulation, inert to the acids, and able to withstand extremely high temperatures, these are some of the properties that place the fiber inside the materials most used for its implementation as insulation. But polyester is also located within the materials most used by modern industry thanks to its advantages. The fiber in the manufacture of swimming pools is the one that more benefits reports taking into account the price, the maintenance, the usability, duration, and installation.

Fiberworks has years of experience in the manufacture of various glass fiber reinforced plastic products, such as swimming pools, Jacuzzi, industrial tanks, water and effluent treatment systems, among others, providing the necessary knowledge to meet the requirements of customers.

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