Fiberglass Re-Fabrication

We work with clients determined to impact and sell, so we offer our experience in the development of sculptures, floats, decoration.

We repair and manufacture figures and sculptures in figures in fiberglass in almost any material or size, the limit is your imagination.

At Fiberworks we are a company with years of experience providing solutions in the current market, participating in projects of various kinds, which makes it a competitive company at an international level.

Fiberglass is a material that results from a very thin strand of filaments based on silicon dioxide.

Among its most important properties is that it is an excellent thermal insulation, due to its high surface area in relation to its weight (very light); Therefore, the blocks of fiberglass easily catch the air or the wind between them. In addition, because of the great ductility that counts (ability to deform without breaking), this material holds much tension and is very resistant to blows.

The essential materials to perform the fiberglass re-fabrication are the mask, gloves, sandpaper, polyester resin or epoxy, and of course the catalyst to harden the resin (for this reason, the latter is also known by the name Of hardener). No less important is to have a very spacious and ventilated space (closure can cause irritation to the eyes and skin).

Fiberglass Repair

Fiberglass is a material consisting of numerous and extremely fine fibers of glass. Over time, due to wear and external factors, the fiberglass can get to break. If you are interested in fiberglass re-fabrication, although we recommend specialized help here, we leave you the steps of how to do it.

– Scrape, sand and degrease edges or parts to be repaired.

– Prepare the resin + catalyst mixture homogeneously.

– Extend with the brush some resin in the edges or parts that must be repaired. Impregnate sufficiently of resin with the brush to facilitate the humidification and saturation of the glass fiber.

– To obtain a greater reinforcement, apply two or more layers of fiberglass, bearing in mind that a large amount of resin must be impregnated.

– To obtain a perfect adhesion between the different layers, the application must be carried out when the previous layer is viscous.


– The life of the mixture is 15 – 20 min. At room temperature.

– It is advisable to catalyze, at one time, only a quarter or half of the resin to be used.

– To remove any air bubbles that may form between layers, push the air with the brush to the edges of the surface.

– After use, carefully clean the containers and brushes with a nitro or acetone diluent.

Our company is mainly responsible for the design, manufacture, and fiberglass re-fabrication reinforced plastics. At Fiberworks we offer all kinds of advice in different areas. From the great variety of manufactured products and services made in reinforced plastics in glass fiber, we offer products for Home, construction, industry, transportation, recreational and everything related to the fiberglass industry. We are pioneers in the market, contact us, we are here to help you.

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