Custom Made Fiberglass Promotional Vehicle

When we think of advertising, we obviously think of promoting our company or business and sometimes we leave aside much of the possibilities it offers us.

With this reality, in Fiberworks, we manufacture promotional vehicles in fiberglass that serve for advertising as spectacular and effective. We offer all kinds of solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers, through advertising vehicles. We create and develop all kinds of publicity actions, in a global and professional way, facilitating in the shortest possible time all that they need for the achievement of fiberglass advertising vehicles.

Based on the expectations of the customer, we generate a proposal for the value of the brand, unique and differential. We define communication and relationship goals and identify, value, segment prospects and clients in order to establish a loyalty of them.

We designed media plans to reach out to those customers and prospects with an appealing message.

We create different combinations of messages, incentives, media, and formats until you find the best and most efficient combination for your business.

Over the past five decades, fiberglass technology has evolved significantly to produce an advanced material that offers a superior alternative to traditional pipe products.

Thanks to these innovations, strongly defended, fiberglass has become the natural choice for any product such as furniture, interior decoration, attractions etc.

End users around the world choose fiberglass for its main advantages:

Light structure

A high strength/weight ratio offers lower transport and installation costs compared to materials such as steel or concrete. The fiberglass is light and strong.


Greater durability extends the product life cycle significantly beyond what alternative materials offer. Fiberglass is economical and does not harm the environment.


It offers excellent resistance to corrosive environments, including soils, salt water, H2S and chemical applications. Fiberglass lasts longer.


It provides a hydraulic performance than steel, ductile iron, and concrete, significantly reducing operating costs. Fiberglass is cost effective.


It accommodates a variety of mounting options and complex configurations due to its versatility, ability to withstand high pressures, temperatures, and loads as well as intense chemical resistance parameters. Fiberglass works in many applications.

Advertising vehicles are a very attractive medium to be included in any outdoor advertising campaign. Thanks to our team of professionals and our experience in the sector, we make this support an exclusive action, acting with resources and own means to guarantee success to our clients.

We adapt our supports to your needs. Our vehicles are designed to be able to develop from simple campaigns, labeled in the exterior, to interior transformations of the most complex, equipped with external stages, dancers, actors and famous people.

Thanks to our workshop we are able to produce impactful advertising vehicles, advertising corporations that will surely attract the attention of your target. At Fiberworks we manufacture all types of fiberglass vehicles for high impact advertising campaigns. Ask us for a quote. If you have thought it, surely we can do it.

Some of our Clients

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PCMC – Mega Dynamic Corp
Char fores Design Studio
Anvaya Cove
VIEL Leisure Park

Astoria Hotel & Resort
Prudential Life UK
Villa Alfredos
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Century Properties
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Alclassens Resort
Puntabelle Resort

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PCMC – Mega Dynamic Corp
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