Custom Made Realistic Fiberglass Life-Size Statues

Your favorite action character, product or logo transformed into high-quality fiberglass figures

In our company, we have a team of sculptors who will work on your character, product or logo with an excellent quality. Our fiberglass figures are manufactured to meet your needs for use, durability, and projection.

For exterior or interior, for a day or a year, for light use or rough use, with lighting or movement, you choose how and where you want to see your fiberglass figure and we will make it a reality for you.

Share your idea and we will make it happen. Make an impact with one of our fiberglass figures, you will notice that their presence invariably always attracts the attention of all the public.

Several types of sculptures are commonly made in fiberglass: reproductions from an existing sculpture, those made from a design and designed from the beginning to be created in this material. We successfully complete any fiberglass sculpture regardless of size, shape, texture or color, completely in fiberglass or combined with other materials such as steel or concrete as structural reinforcements or anchors.

Most of the sculptures are not designed with fiberglass in mind as a production material. Traditional materials for sculptures are usually bronze, marble, plaster, wood and steel. This is how you can find large and heavy pieces difficult to create and transport, as well as to maintain over time. However, fiberglass has been gaining ground in a very traditional area of manufacture where artists seek to give their creations the greatest value to the pieces, starting with the material they are made of.

Another important detail is that, unlike materials such as marble or plaster, fiberglass can add new parts to the piece or make corrections and modifications unthinkable in materials as definitive as marble stone, basalt, calcite or quartz.

Fiberglass sculptures follow the manufacturing process almost identical to that of casting pieces, such as bronze or aluminum, where a model must be made of a material such as plaster, clay or wax, and then make a mold that will create The original piece. For fiberglass parts, dry ice, plaster, and mdf or triplay are the most popular, but not the only ones, since even elastic models such as silicone can be used.

All our products are always different, specially developed for each customer and every occasion, which forces us to create and experiment constantly in addition to keeping us up to date on market trends.

Many of them are thematic figures of any size. Its lightness makes them easily manageable. It’s quality gives a great resistance to the inclement weather.

You will find action figures like Spider-Man or Thorn, architectural elements, animals (dinosaurs, cows, wild animals, etc.), elements for restaurants and bars, Christmas decoration, furniture and a wide range of themed figures.

Some of our Clients

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PCMC – Mega Dynamic Corp
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