Fiberglass Furniture customizes hardy, classy and affordable furniture made from fiberglass. No doubt we can compete even with big corporations across the world.

One of our landmark achievements is the use of raw fiberglass to fabricate custom-built furnishings. This unprocessed composite material is made from imported resin and fiberglass. We conducted extensive research on their properties and made some upgrades to strengthen the material.

We employ craftsmen and designers who have many years of experience in manufacturing of furniture. Therefore, our products come in a broader range of patterns, textures, and colors. The fixtures for indoor and outdoor use that we  produce are certainly world-class but low-priced. No, we are not compromising quality for cost. Instead, our company is simply being competitive and giving the best to clients without over-charging them.

The collection of furniture that makes is long-lasting and capable of enduring all kinds of weather and other natural elements. Our products can be used by households, offices, hotels, restaurants, and sports clubs. You can always view these products in our showroom or browse through our website at

By raw materials, we mean the fibrous strands derived from liquefied glass using a plate or cap (for the production of synthetic fibers). This spinner has several tiny holes that form said fibers. We wait for these small threads or filaments to harden and become flexible. The primary properties of this product are sound thermal insulation, capacity to resist extreme temperatures, and tolerance for acid. These properties make it possible for us to fabricate first-class furniture.

We know that fiberglass is very adaptable as a reinforced material and perfect for insulation as well. The production of fiberglass is not easy. Manufacturers generally make use of liquid or liquified gas obtained from the glass-melting incinerator or furnace and melted glass marbles. The fibers are miniscule and measured at 4 microns. This unit of measurement (length) is equivalent only to one-millionth of one meter. Fiberglass is mixed with resin which is a sticky and flammable or combustible organic substance that cannot be dissolved in water. This makes fiberglass tougher and more enduring.

Our furniture items include rooms, benches, seats, and tables. We see to it that the specifications of clients are met. We offer quality, value and utmost satisfaction.

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