Custom Made Fiberglass Airsoft Mask

Fiberworks has become in recent years one of the most innovative, dynamic and fun companies in the sector. We are manufacturers of Fiberglass Airsoft Mask.

Masks in Airsoft are becoming an essential element when it comes to playing. In fact, in more and more fields especially of CQB masks are becoming mandatory. Each of our designs is made with the best materials which allow us to give an excellent quality in our products to all our customers, both stockists and specialized stores. It is no longer necessary to wait months to have a good mask. The effort of the human team of our company allows us to satisfy the needs of our clients in an excellent way.

Our design team works day after day to offer the most fun and original selection on the market. We propose a great and complete selection of masks for you to have fun in this sport. We manufacture your ideas, we save you the job, we have what you are looking for. Easy!

The Airsoft consists of a military simulation in which several players fight by equipment wielding replicas of real weapons. These shoot PVC balls of approximately 6 millimeters and 0.20 grams of weight to shoot down the opposite. The player receiving a shot must confirm that he has sensed the impact of the ball and withdraw to the respawn point. Once there, you can return to the action and continue to carry out the orders that have to make your team to win the game.

That is why you should use the best protection in the market and if you have the design that you want much better. When playing in an organized game, you do not have the option of not wearing facial, dental, head, chest, knee, etc. protection, since it is usually a requirement to play. A ball impact resistant mask is a minimum requirement and whatever else you use will depend on you, your tastes or your recklessness.

Small BB plastic rounds fired by an Airsoft gun can do damage if they hit unprotected skin and cause blood wounds. Although they are much smaller than a paintball ball, they can still itch and leave bruises on the skin. In addition, BB shots are not hollow like paintballs, so they will not break when they hit their target. This means that the impact can be greater and cause more (temporary) pain

We use fiberglass material for the manufacture of protective masks. The fiberglass is obtained thanks to the intervention of certain very small glass threads, which when interlaced are forming a mesh, pattern or weft. On the other hand, it should be mentioned that these yarns are obtained by the passage (which is carried out industrially) of a liquid glass through a highly resistant element or piece, which must also have tiny holes.

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