How many days does it require to finish small projects from start to finish?2020-05-03T13:31:14+00:00

Most small scale projects can be completed in 30 days or less. Medium to larger projects will require considerably more time.

We had a bad experience with another company. Can you fix another companies bad work?2020-05-03T13:29:18+00:00

YES!  Fiberworks has encountered many poorly fabricated fiberglass projects.  We can Direct or Separate the defective parts or sections and build new sections.  Once the old and new sections are joined and finished, the project will look homogeneous and new.

What are the minimum requirements to start a project?2020-05-03T13:27:03+00:00

In order to start a project, there are 3 primary requirements.

1. Contract Agreement containing the scope, terms, cost and deliverables.

2. The next important requirement is 50% Downpayment to cover labor and materials.

3. Approval, Access and / or Permits to build.

It is very confusing to know who to trust in the construction and fabrication industries. There are many scams in the Philippines and many projects are never initiated once the funds are received by the contractor. What assurance do I have?2020-05-03T13:25:46+00:00

Fiberworks is trusted by over 50 clients across the Philippines and abroad. They have successfully generated over 20 Million in revenue in the last 5 years. Fiberworks continues to prosper because of client referrals and “word of mouth.”

What is the difference between Fiberworks and their Fiberglass competitors?2020-05-03T13:10:39+00:00

There are 3 primary Differences.

First of all, Fiberworks competes with the largest companies in the Philippines. Fiberworks produces the high quality of an elite Special operations team at a small company cost with much lower overhead than the competition.

Secondly, The 3 primary owners are an Architect, Engineer and Fabricator with 60 years of combined experience.

Finally, Fiberworks operates on Debt Free capital.

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