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Amusement Rides realizes that lightweight materials like reinforced fiberglass contributed immensely to the development of a multitude of amusement rides.

We have kept in step with this remarkable advancement by honing our capabilities in design, engineering and fabrication of fiberglass amusement rides. Our company makes use of modern technology and techniques which include innovative designs and detailed creative processes.

The amusement park industry continues to evolve so we also take into account the public’s enjoyment and safety. Aside from using sturdy and strengthened fiberglass, we also utilize fortified support systems and headrests, comfortable pads, ratchet straps, seat dividers, magnetic brake systems, and computerized controls.

The fiberglass products of are distinct from similar brands in the market particularly in terms of design, models, and colors. This is the result of constant collaboration with other stakeholders in this booming industry. Each member of our team possesses several years of experience and know-how in this kind of trade.

Transformation takes place rapidly as technology  continues to progress. Amusement rides of the future will most likely turn out faster, lighter, safer, and more delightful. As a provider of this service, will also employ technologies that most people would not have imagined several decades ago.

Our rides feature highly-resilient and lightweight fiberglass powered by powerful electric linear motors and heavy-duty urethane wheels. Designs also include very sensitive sensors, linear induction motors, stator winding coils, and gyroscope devices that measure or calculate rotational movement. The linear induction motor is used in many other applications such as baggage handling gear in airports, sliding doors, and automated people movers in many theme parks. This type of motor ensures power minus the annoying noise generated by chain lifts.

Pound for pound, reinforced fiberglass is stronger compared to traditional sheet metal. It is highly impervious to rusting. Using this material for frames and covers will definitely enhance the artistic appearance making the structure look more elegant.

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