Custom Made Fiberglass Boats & Marine Products

Just as people say today, “If you want to buy a luxury yacht that is designed by a famous designer, you go to Italy, but if you are looking for a yacht that is built with high quality and acceptable price, you can Find one in Fiberworks.

Fiberworks has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of boats and the development of their technologies in order to remain competitive in the market. So far our company has the production and capacity to build boats in accordance with international standards.

Fiberglass boats are totally strong! They are resistant to water, do not rust or corrode, are low maintenance and long lasting. They do the way that wooden boats can not. With the best fiberglass and construction techniques developed by our engineers, it is easier than ever to build boats.

At Fiberworks, we design each client’s boat according to their requests. The 3D and 2D boat design contains exterior style drawings and renderings, interior designs and general arrangements. When assigning the specific designer, Fiberworks works with architects to ensure the overall design complements.

Boat Mold Design

When constructing molds, it is critical to ensure that each piece of wood is accurately cut. In the manufacture of the mold, the thin strips of the wood are placed on a layered layer. A computerized saw cuts off pieces of wood and is used for molds for fiberglass ships.

Mold making is similar to building a fiberglass boat except that it involves the use of epoxy resins or polyester. It takes more than a year to design and build a mold, and the mold should be perfect in order to make a mold for a boat.

Fiberglass is the perfect material for boat building, as it is corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, stretch-free and perfect for making light, elegant, fast and strong boats.

Fiberworks uses high-quality fiberglass to ensure the lamination process is performed correctly. There are various sizes and weights of fiberglass. Each fabric is made of fiberglass and knitted width within certain patterns including biaxial, triaxial, and unidirectional knitted fiberglass.

Boat quality assurance

Construction, reliability, durability, and appearance are the most important elements in ensuring the quality of a boat. Particularly to ensure that the whole vessel is watertight and that marine electronics are operating sufficiently.

Shipping of boats

After the boat is built, it is wrapped and ready to be shipped using the ship’s transportation. However, if a customer chooses to drive the boat back directly, the company will provide the necessary assistance to ensure that the boat arrives safely.

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