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Home of Fiberworks has expanded operations globally. Fiberworks is the #1 Fiberglass Fabrication company in the Philippines. The elite members of the Fiberworks senior partners have over 30 years of Fiberglass Fabrication experience. The company have completed over 175 various projects across the Philippine peninsula and worked with over 50 clients in the Philippines. Fiberworks has completed over 20 Million pesos in Fiberglass related projects with some of the most prestigious organizations in the Philippines. The Ayala Corporation, SM and News TV5 are just a few of the 100s of clients that Fiberworks has serviced in the last 5 years.

Despite the humble beginnings of Fiberworks, the company has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Unlike companies who simply “dabble” in Fiberglass, Fiberworks continues to be innovative and continue to push the limits in the fiberglass industry. Modelworks has recently engineered the countries first Fiberglass Swimming Pool engineered for the Residential sector and now ready for mass production.

Many companies charge much higher fees only to provide substandard quality. International companies can provide very advance fiberglass techniques, but their labor cost and shipping cost are no match for Fiberworks high quality and competitive pricing. Year after year, Fiberworks continues to “wipe out” the competition.

Fiberworks handcrafted Fiberglass is undeniably the best Fiberworks Fabrication company in the Philippines and possibly in the Asia Pacific Region. The company have fulfilled orders in the Middle East and attract customers in Mainland China, Taiwan, India and even Japan. There is a simple reason why a small company like Fiberworks is the number 1 Fiberglass Fabricator in the Region. Fiberworks provides Handcrafted Quality and customer service. Experience the Fiberworks Difference today!

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